Persatt Systems makes investments in small to middle size companies and then proactively helps you to achieve your growth objectives.

Our name Persatt is derived from two words - perseverance and attitude. Perseverance is the ability to keep on going when all around you are giving up. Attitude is the ability to see the potential in every challenge, and to enjoy every day along the way.

Our fundamental belief is that these are the two primary qualities for successful entrepreneurs who are growing their company - make the plan, work the plan, and enjoy the journey.

About Us

James and Liz Iglesias founded Persatt Systems in Toronto in 1998. Persatt Systems makes investments in small to middle size companies and then proactively helps them to achieve their growth objectives.

James is a board member of Newterra Environmental (Brockville) and Nexia Health Technologies (Markham), and board advisor for Cetaris (Toronto), ClearEvent (Toronto), Dynac (Kitchener), and Maratek Environmental (Bolton). James was previously with Firepond Software (Mankato Minnesota) for ten years and held positions as Senior VP of Sales, President of International, and Board Member growing Firepond from a start-up to $50M then selling to private equity.

James’ first career was with Caterpillar (Peoria Illinois) for twelve years which took him through positions in Management Training, Application Engineering (Geneva Switzerland), Dealer Sales (Johannesburg South Africa), and Marketing Software Development (Peoria Illinois). James led the team at Caterpillar that developed and implemented Caterpillar’s first personal computer-based sales applications.

James holds a BSc Mechanical Engineering (Queen’s University), Rotman MBA (University of Toronto), and is a CPA CMA (Province of Ontario).

Our Services

Persatt Systems makes investments in small to middle size companies and then proactively helps you to achieve your growth objectives.

What does Persatt do to assist you?
  • Develop your ten-year goals
  • Develop your operating plan to achieve your ten-year goals
  • Develop your annual objectives and action plans
  • Develop your metrics to track progress towards your objectives
  • Facilitate your monthly objectives review sessions
  • Follow-up on all action items
What can you expect as the result of working with Persatt?
  • Leadership team with a culture of execution
  • No surprises
  • Achieve your plan
Why select Persatt to assist you?
  • References – our clients speak highly of us
  • Experience – we have a track record of success
  • Execution – we help make the plan then work the plan
  • Honesty – we will tell you what we think not what you want to hear
  • Energy – we energize your organization
  • Fun – we have fun together on the journey

Our Companies


“James has been a friend and mentor for us for over twenty years. Never once have I ever seen James waver in his commitment to our success. James’ relentless drive coupled with his positive attitude has set the example that our Leadership Team strives to achieve.”

Girish Seshagiri, CEO and Founder, Advanced Information Services, Peoria Illinois
James has been instrumental over the past ten years in helping me personally become a more effective president and leader of our business. I met James when our business was struggling and we were beginning a turnaround to enter into new markets with new products & services. We meet monthly as a board where he provides invaluable advice, insights, and perspective as well as tracking our progress in the journey.

Colin Darcel, President and Founder, Maratek Environmental, Bolton Ontario
James’ persistence and unique way of stepping back from the details to see the bigger picture, has made him an indispensable contributor to us here at Cetaris. Over our 20+ year relationship, James has helped shape the culture of our company, assisting with everything from defining and promoting our core values to solidifying our leadership team’s planning and metric capturing capabilities, or as James is known to say, “Make the plan, work the plan”. We have enjoyed sharing our journey with James and look forward to continuing to call on his valued experience.

Cetaris, Larry McLennan
As a friend and advisor, James’ “been there, done that” advice is invaluable. James brings a disciplined “Make the Plan, Work the Plan” approach that has and will continue to drive our success.

Gary MacFarlane, CEO and Founder, Dynac Inc., Kitchener, Ontario
“James Iglesias – a leader, a motivator, and a friend… James brings a level of enthusiasm and drive to his work every day that can serve as an example to us all…”

Ray Tuomala, CEO and Co-Founder, Firepond Software Inc, Mankato Minnesota
“You have had and continue to have a significant impact on the success of our company and I am grateful that you are willing to work so diligently for our success, particularly because in most instances your efforts are seen as the successes of others on the Leadership Team”

Bruce Lounsbury, CEO and Co-Founder, Newterra Group Ltd, Brockville Ontario
“From a few people to several hundred – from a private company to a public company – from Canada to the US – our Leadership process that has evolved and changed and grown as we have grown – James’ support and drive has never wavered once through the ups and downs of the business – we are grateful for his commitment to our success.”

Samer Chebib, CEO and Founder, Nexia Health Technologies, Toronto Ontario
“James’ deep passion for building companies and strengthening business to drive growth has been a huge benefit for our leadership team. We’re privileged to be able to draw from his years of experience and for his unwavering support. I’ve enjoyed working with James for over 20 years and I look forward to the next 20!”

Richard Hepburn, CTO and Co-Founder, ClearEvent, Toronto Ontario

Contact Us

James Iglesias

Cell: 416 570 4728